Foreign language Center, a unit belonging to College of Agricultural Mechanics.

1. Function – Mission

1.1. Function

Staffing and supporting Rector Board in scientific research, international cooperation; fostering and teaching English for staffs, teachers and students to meet requirements and mission of a highly – qualified vocational college.

1.2. Mission

1.2.1. Doing scientific research

– Making a plan of developing science researches for a long term, medium term, or for each year of schooling as well as giving implementing solutions.

– Implementing, observing and assessing the implementation of scientific research plan, periodically reporting to Rector Board and higher level about scientific research status.

– Staffing for scientific council in reviewing topics, experiencing initiatives according to registration of each unit to ensure quality, effectiveness and diverse; Selecting key topics allocated for units to implement.

– Finding technical improving subjects, initiatives of units and levels outside the college to assign to groups or individuals in the college to implement.

– Building, carrying out, managing and following the implementation of rules, regulations about scientific research in the college; putting forward mechanism concerning reward, etc.

– Checking and taking over, assessing results of improving subjects, initiatives of each unit and individuals; putting forward solutions and applying to activities inside and outside the college.

– Being a focal point in managing and following scientific research contract, transferring technology to other locals, enterprises; transferring scientific achievements and technology to production bases.

– Updating, managing information collection, scientific materials, products of researches, initiatives, inventions, etc.

– Organizing scientific workshops in different fields and at different levels.

– Coordinating in building training projects and plans as well as fostering scientific staffs of the college.

1.2.2. Cooperating internationally

– Preparing contents, programs, materials and documents to support Rector Board in negotiating, signing cooperative documents with organizations, international training agencies and building a plan following process of implementing signed documents.

– Staffing for Rector Board in finding, building cooperative relation in training fields of the college and other related fields inside and outside the country.

– Coordinating in building and implementing projects related to investing in developing the college from foreign capitals.

– Undertaking main responsibility for finding, providing, giving advice and supporting information about international cooperation in labor export, study abroad, etc. for units, staffs, teachers and students of the college.

– Welcoming, following and managing international guests coming to visit and work with the college and staffs who are studying and working abroad.

– Translating working materials and foreign learning materials according to requirements of the college; participating in reviewing and monitoring translations from foreign language into Vietnamese and vice versa for staffs, teachers and students of the college.

– Coordinating with other departments, units inside and outside the college to ensure security and politics in international cooperation.

1.2.3. Fostering foreign language for staffs, teachers and students

– Building a survey plan and classifying foreign language level for staffs, teachers and students in the college; organizing survey and reporting results to the college’s leaders.

– Building a fostering plan and putting forward solutions to enhance foreign language level of staffs, teachers and students ensuring quality and effectiveness.

– Organizing, managing and participating in fostering and enhancing foreign language level of staffs, teachers and students.

– Finding programs, projects from capitals invested in training foreign language for staffs, teachers and students of the college.

1.2.4. Participating in teaching and other mission

– Teaching Basic English and specialized English for all trades according to training program of the college ensuring quality and effectiveness.

– Putting forward opening new English classes to demands of both internal and external learners; communicate, advertise and be willing to meet the English teaching in accordance with contracts signed with units and organization outside the college.

– Participating in common activities of the college and implementing other missions following the allocation of college’s leaders.

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